Sokkia Theodolite

Sokkia theodolite

Sokkia Theodolites are excellent precision built instruments for mapping, surveying, and measuring. Sokia Theodolites emit a very convenient audio tone when the right 0 horizontal angle is reached on all right angle directions. Sokkia Theodolites can be easily used and operated without timely training.

All measurements by Sokkia Theodolites can be transferred to other devices through an RS-232C information port. You will need 2 alkaline batteries type R14/C for Sokia Theodolites. One set of new unused batteries will give a Sokkia Theodolite about 75 hours of power. Sokia Theodolites come with a user's direction book and a manual guide with detailed information and instructions.

Sokkia Theodolites come with very convenient accessories such as a nice sturdy carrying bag with a comfortable shoulder strap which will be quite handy since Sokkia Theodolites weigh about 10 Lbs. each. Other accessories that come with the Sokkia Theodolite include a hood for the lens, a cap for the lens, a Plumb Bob, and all necessary tools for operating and maintaining a Sokkia Theodolite.

The specifications for each Sokkia Theodolite model vary. Sokkia Theodolites generally have an easy to read LCD screen with a backlight. Water and dust protection make Sokkia Theodolites operational in adverse weather conditions