Pentax Theodolite

Pentax theodolite

The Pentax Theodolite, consists of a telescope that is mounted and moveable, and sits between a vertical axis, and a horizontal axis. As the telescope is moved, these two axis can be measured precisely according to the arcseconds scale. This information is very important to people who do surveying tasks.

The Pentax ETH-20 F Electronic Theodolite has a 30X telescope and exceptional Japanese optics. It also has 10" accuracy with a minimum 10" display. With its LCD display the horizontal and vertical angles can be read at the same time. The horizontal angles are given priority. Vertical angles, can be easily switched to a slope percentage, by the push of a button.

The Pentax Theodolite measures horizontal and vertical angles of land terrain. It is very often used by surveyers and engineers doing triangulation work. The theodolite works well on inaccessible ground. It is also used for space rocket launching technology and meteorology. With just a few buttons and an LCD display, it is a very user friendly piece of equipment.

The latest models of the Pentax Theodolite come with a detachable tribracher or a fixed base. They also use five double A batteries instead of four like the older models. The new models have two LCD displays, with two lines of sixteen characters. The telescopes however, are still 30X.